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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Extreme Sports
Taunt Gravity
Icarus Bungee

Spend your Saturday leaping off historic California bridges and soaring through the air with Icarus Bungee. The day begins early, usually at the jump site, and includes multiple jumps from carefully scouted locations. Your guide, owner and former US Navy Combat Engineer, Daniel Roza, will provide instruction, equipment, and jump supervision.

Pro Tip

Reservations are required, and are best made by phone. There is at least one expedition every month, and since jump days are prescheduled it’s best to call about a month in advance.

Nearby and Noteworthy

Mr. Roza is an avid skeet shooter. If you’d like to shoot sporting clays after your jumps, let him know when you make your reservation.


Bay Area residents are no strangers to crossing bridges, though few have free-fallen from their lofty spans. A jump expedition with Icarus Bungee will change that. Tie in, count down, take a leap, and fly!

Icarus offers individualized trips to bridges around Northern California. Jumpers have the pleasure to bungee from various bridges hidden away in the Sierra Foothills, such as Enterprise, Alderpoint, and “Old Rickety,” among others. Expeditions are tailored to the group and dependent on weather and river conditions, so specific bridges vary each outing. The furthest drive is five hours and the closest is about two and a half hours from SF.

Icarus Bungee is one of the only eight U.S. bungee operations listed in the Worldwide Adventure and Extreme Sports Directory. All Icarus Bungee cords are personally built and tested by Mr. Roza. Testing means: Mr. Roza ties himself in and throws himself off a bridge. It’s his “I put my own life on the line guarantee.”

You will have to travel up to 5 hours to jump. The closest jump bridge to San Francisco is 2.5 hours away.

Icarus Bungee
(510) 521-5867
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