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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Distillery Tour and Taste
St. George Spirits

Hangar One takes its vodka seriously. Drop by its namesake distillery in Alameda to tour the converted naval base and airplane hangar, and to witness how the wizards-turned-distillers transform grains and fruit into alcohol. Oh, and you get to taste a lot of vodka too.

The Extra Mile

For those who can’t find a willing DD, and yes, you will need one, the ferry from SF drops you off ½ a mile from Hangar One.

History Lesson

The hangar was built in the '40s and was used by the Navy until 1997. Hangar One has been there since. In 2001 a section of highway was constructed on the former runways to shoot "The Matrix: Reloaded".

Pro Tip

Call ahead if you’re bringing a group of 5 or more.


Everyone goes to Napa to taste wine, but few know that you can hop across the bay to Alameda to do some high-quality vodka tasting. Hangar One gives free tours on weekends where visitors roam the distillery, learn artisanal methods of vodka-production, and soak up the perfectly preserved WWII industrial architecture. Curious vodka-lovers especially enjoy catching a glimpse of some of the flavor experimentation that goes down. Foie gras-flavored vodka, anyone?

After the tour, thirsty patrons settle into the tasting room for floor-to-ceiling views of San Francisco and ten half-ounce pours for $10. Throw in $5 extra and they’ll give you a taste of their absinthe. Things can get a little raucous in the tasting room, what with all the vodka flowing. Guests are encouraged to mingle with each other and the staff are just as friendly and fun as the visitors.

Ever wonder where award-winning vodka is made? Housed in an old airplane hanger in Alameda, Hangar One vodka is a hidden gem. We discovered this amazing distillery years ago during a private tasting. Hangar One is made in small batches in copper pot stills using locally grown organic ingredients. Considered an artisan by his peers, German born Jorg Rupf has been distilling spirits in Alameda since 1982.

2601 Monarch Street
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 769-1601
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