If you don't like brunch, you can just leave.

4 Simple Steps to Becoming a True San Francisco Gentleman

To the manly and fabulous men of San Francisco,

Spring is here and it’s time to polish those natural man skills to a gentlemanly shine with a little help from Sōsh.

Step 1: Drink Like a Gentleman – Behind the Bar Basics

What do Don Draper, James Bond, and this guy all have in common? A drinking problem. Like any true gentleman, they know their way around a bar. Let the pros at Bourbon & Branch bring you up to speed with their Beverage Academy classes. We suggest American Whiskey: Rye, Bourbon & Beyond (April 30th).


Step 2: Date Like a Gentleman – Return of the Mack

Finding the perfect date idea can be a challenge, but a gentleman knows precisely where to look. And since nothing says San Francisco quite like brunch, why not try a brunch date?

There’s nothing pretty about an hour-long wait when your date is starving and you run out of small talk, so reserve a table ahead of time for brunch at Baker & Banker (every Sunday) in Pac Heights. The restaurant has an incredible savory and sweet brunch menu, and – should things go well – you can follow your meal with a stroll through nearby Lafayette Park.


Step 3: Cook Like a Pro – A Gentleman in the Kitchen

It’s no secret: men who can cook are irresistible. Any guy can order takeout, but a real man dices, sautés, and grills his way into your heart. Pick up some new skills from acclaimed local chef (and certified gentleman), Ryan Farr, at 4505 Meat Kitchen’s Sausage 101 Class (May 23rd).


Step 4: Get Fit – A Gentleman in the Wild

It’s well established that San Franciscans are active (sometimes to a frightening degree) and the SF gentleman is no exception. Grab a few buddies and get fit in the outdoors with hikes like the Lands End Trail. Survey the dramatic cliffs like your intrepid forefathers, then wrap up your adventure with a cold beer at the Cliff House while enjoying stunning ocean views.


There you have it: four simple steps to begin your gentlemanly renaissance. Want more ideas? Use Sōsh to find great activities fit for a gentleman like you.


Sarah Loaiza, Marketing Manager at Sōsh

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