Mother’s Day by the Bay: Your Last Minute Guide

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Of course, you’ve already made brunch reservations, scheduled a flower delivery and have a great day planned. Right?

While we can’t deliver the flowers*, we can help you put together a very special day for your mom. With a little help from Sōsh it’s not too late to make this an unforgettable Mother’s Day! Follow these three steps to wow your whole family.


Step 1: Brunch

First things first: breakfast! This year go all out for your mom with a special Mother’s Day Brunch at the Ritz Carlton.  The decadent brunch will have your mom feeling like a queen, and while the tickets are a little pricey you’re sure to enjoy this four-hour feast. And she did give birth to you… so there’s that to consider.

Want something more low-key? Try the brunch at Zazie. Tucked away in a sunny corner of Cole Valley, you can relax on the patio and make mimosa-toasts to your mom all morning.



Step 2: Soak Up the Sun

We don’t know about you, but here at Sōsh we’ve given our respective mothers more than their share of gray hairs over the years.  If you’re anything like us, your mom has earned a little relaxation.

After a sumptuous brunch, treat mom to some much needed serenity with a walk in the heart of Golden Gate Park at the Japanese Tea Garden or head to Muir Beach for a nice long hike by the ocean. (Just remember – wait till tomorrow to tell her about that new tattoo.)


Step 3: Try Something New

Finally, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to prove to your Mom that, yes in fact, you are a legitimate adult. Show your mom the refined young lady or gentleman you’ve become by signing you and your mom up to try something new like a Mother’s Day Cheese and Wine Pairing at the Cheese School of San Francisco or a class making French Macarons at Bonbini. While one evening of sophistication can’t erase an adulthood of adolescent behavior, it’s a start.


*Above and Beyond

When it comes to Mother’s Day it’s all about the little things.  While Sōsh can’t deliver flowers or chocolates to your mom, we can give you some ideas to take Mother’s Day to the next level.

Flowers are always a good idea. Why not hire a TaskRabbit to deliver a bouquet to mom first thing in the morning? Or try the beautiful, locally sourced and eco-friendly daily arrangements from Farm Girl Flowers.

Want to add a little glamour to this mother’s day? Hire an Uber Cab to shuttle mom to dinner in style. It’s the least you can do after 16 years of rides to soccer practice and dance class.

Check out our Mother’s Day Guide for more ideas and no matter what activity you choose this weekend, make your mom feel like the superwoman she is!