Dayummm boi!

The Sōsh Tee

As you may know in the last few months we released the very limited edition Sōsh tee- our first piece of swag! We’ve been so excited by the positive response we’ve received that we wanted to give you the inside scoop on how the tee came to be.

Step 1: Design

The design for the Sōsh tee was first conceived by co-founder Rod Begbie one caffeine-fueled afternoon at SOMA startup haunt, The Creamery.  Inspiration struck Rod that day like a lightening bolt: create a tee that showcases our SF pride, and uses our symbol (the bookmark) in a way that is uniquely Sōsh. The design reflects the goals of Sōsh: to help you find and bookmark activities in the city.  We worked with a prominent designer who has designed for clothing line Young and Reckless, and helped us turn our initial brainstorm from this:

Scissor wielding jack of all trades & fearless leader, Rishi

to this:


Chapter 2: Printing 

Next up on the tee creation journey is the printer! Being a local company we wanted to support other local businesses, and being Sōsh we wanted the best. Enter: Anthem Screen Printing. Not only are these guys efficient, professional and really cool, they are SF to the core!


Chapter 3: Packing & Shipping

Once the t-shirts returned from the printer it was time to get them into the hot little hands of our members.  To ensure quality packaging I turned our conference/dining/war room into what I like call “Sarah’s Workshop,” a room that would have made Ford proud.

An assembly line was created, and after an evening of intense wrapping, rewrapping, competitive t-shirt folding time trials, and many heated words exchanged in the spirit of competition, the packaging was complete. Each tee is carefully folded, wrapped in tissue paper and includes a hand signed note from a member of the Sōsh team.


Chapter 4: Tees on the Streets

Now the fun begins: once we got the tees out to Sōsh members we started seeing the most amazing photos coming back to us via Twitter and Facebook. We’ve seen the Sōsh tee at concerts, parks, all over San Francisco and even as far away as Japan, Jordan and Israel. We could not have been more delighted to see our tees in the real world! Here are some highlights:

It has been a true pleasure to create and ship these tees to our awesome members- and we are happy to report that thanks to their generosity we’ve also donated over 100 t-shirts to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and our t-shirt promotion is no exception. We have currently stopped our t-shirt promotion but stay tuned for future swag giveaways- by now you know we are always cooking up something new and special for you!  And keep the pictures coming :)