The Little Black Book is here!

Introducing The Little Black Book

Welcome to the new Sōsh blog: the Little Black Book.

Here you’ll get the insider’s sneak peek at our favorite things in SF- everything from where to have drinks tonight to that song you have to hear before the weekend. If you’ve tuned into the Sōsh blog in the past you’ll notice a few changes, and if it’s your first time I know you’ll find something here to suit your fancy.

As with earlier incarnations of the Sōsh blog, we’ll continue to provide the most exclusive tips and activity suggestions that Sōsh has to offer, as well as a handful of new posts based on the hilarious and wonderful goings on in San Francisco.

Living in a city as colorful, diverse and positively buzzing with things to do is the driving force behind not just the Little Black Book but Sōsh as a whole. We are obsessed with this city, and want to bring the best (and funniest, and weirdest, and happiest… you get the idea) of it straight to your doorstep.  We hope you have as much fun exploring with us as we do writing these posts!

Sarah (Marketing Manager @Sosh)

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