Labor Day-bor!

Your Insiders Guide to Labor Day by the Bay

With mornings like this one, it’s hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close. We were just as shocked as the next guy when we realized that Labor Day is just around the corner!

The good news is, for those of us who make our home in the city by the bay, Labor Day unofficially marks the beginning of our summer! We’re looking forward to a fall filled with sunshiney days, warm nights at the ballpark and just a little bit of griping about not having a chance to wear our fall clothes.

Now, of course you’ll want to hang out at Crissy Field, go for a sail, or a hike- but this Labor Day I thought I’d also give you a few ideas on how to spice up the weekend with a few insider tips.

Brunchy Brunch

I firmly believe that no weekend guide is complete without brunch. So, even though this is your off-the-beaten-path guide to Labor Day, it is NOT amateur hour and I won’t sacrifice brunch for the sake of being avante garde. No way, no how. That being said, there is a new brunch spot in town well worth a visit.

B Restaurant and Bar is now serving up seasonally focused dishes, along with bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, and offers brunch on Saturday and Sunday. (Pssst…there is also a Gilt City deal running for the brunch!)

Get Fancy…Kind Of

The Stag Dining Group never fails to wow us with their exceptional dinners and themes and this weekend’s Sunday supper looks to be no exception. Celebrating the wide array of local fare (sea, vine and field will all be represented) the Stags invite you to join them for Buckshot and Blanc– a meal that combines wine, fine dining and skeet shooting. It’s the dinner we never knew we always wanted.

Stay Out Late

Everyone is talking about Dobb’s Ferry’s late night Build Your Own Noodle Bowl, me included. Available through Friday, stop in to the Noodle Me pop up before 12:30am and slurp the late night munchies away.

Added bonus is that all the delicious soup is sure to help your body recover the following morning- throw in the awesome realization that it’s a three day weekend and you have the makings of quite a joyful Saturday morning on your hands.

Go Out on a School Night

Take advantage of the extra day (and night) free and stop at Café du Nord to hear 60’s inspired summer pop from the Superhumanoids.  The band is rounding out their summer tour before heading back to the studio in the fall. Catch them now at Café du Nord and be the guy who saw them way back when- we just want you to look cool ;) .

Still not sure what you’re going to do? Check out Sōsh for more ideas!