Ah, the fog...

It’s Never Sunny in San Francisco

Hello San Francisco, it’s your weather girl, back on the scene!

We have been getting some pretty wild weather this week- I’m sure all of your Facebook newsfeeds were filled with double rainbow photos from last night, but what does that mean for tonight? I’ve got your forecast, and your recommendation here:

Chance of Thunderstorms?!?

You heard it right- while it’s only partly cloudy in most parts of the city now there is a 20% chance of thunderstorms for many downtown neighborhoods in SF. Huh? IDon’t worry, I’ve got something perfect for a dark and stormy night.

Grab your best pal, main squeeze, or any friend who likes a good scare and head to the Asian Art Museum for their evening screening of The Ring. Give yourself a good scare, then tuck yourself in and cross your fingers for better weather for the weekend!