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The 7 Most Deliciously Sinful Bites in San Francisco

Today, when people think of Sin City, they don’t usually think of San Francisco, but that hasn’t always been the case. In the early days of our city, SF was a hot bed of impropriety. Between the brothels, gambling and crime that accompanied the Gold Rush, parts of SF more than earned the nickname, the Barbary Coast.

Our city may seem tame today by comparison, but there are some truly sinful dishes and drinks gracing the tables of restaurants the city round. Here are our seven most deliciously sinful bites by the bay.


Nothing says excess like the Bacon Butter Burger at Maverick. This decadent dish includes a hefty serving of butter, in the burger, as well as a bacon pepper marmalade, hot sauce aioli and cheddar (oh, and if you’re an overachiever you can add a fried egg).  Do us a favor, after your meal, consider walking home.


Get down and dirty, for an intimate night full of smoke, heat and southern charm. I’m talking about dinner at Cedar Hill Smokehouse. If you aren’t thinking lustfully about BBQ, then you haven’t had the Carolina pulled pork yet.


It’s all play and no work at Playland. We’ve heard great things about their Cotton Candy Cosmo, and any place that has whiskey and tequila on tap is guaranteed to ensure your productivity is close to null the day after a night out there.


If Gordon Gecko were visiting SF he would order the Money Is No Object Burger. Featuring white truffles and a burger made from dry-aged beef from a single grass-fed Wagyu cow, this burger will run you about $100 at Umami Burger– not that you are even going to look at the check…


One sip of the Wry Raja cocktail at Dosa is sure to get your temper up. This very hot cocktail could bring out the spicy side of anyone.  Proceed with caution.


We are either green with envy, or we’ve had one too many Chartreuse cocktailsSF Cocktail Week would like to introduce you to Chartreuse. This green tinged spirit may just be the next big thing. Everyone will be jealous that you found it first.


San Francisco is a proud city. And when it comes to our vibrant community, we know that pride isn’t a sin- it’s one of the virtues of our town, and we’ve got one of the best parades in the country to prove it!  Don’t miss the pride parade inspired cocktail, the Violet Femme, at Bluestem Brasserie. When it comes to our community, feel free to brag.  San Francisco gives us plenty to boast about.

There you have it- the 7 most deliciously sinful bites and drinks in SF.  Try one (or more!) this weekend and sin a little!