Which Rideshare is the Fastest of Them All?

Rideshare apps are like Power Rangers: everyone has their favorite. So we at Sōsh decided to take it to the streets to settle the score once and for all…



The Challenge:
Warming up with a few pitchers at Public House, the starter gun went off at the nexus of happy hour and rush hour: 5:30PM sharp. Apps were opened, bikes unchained, and the racers were off to Brass Tacks. Once each team finished a beer at the new Hayes Valley hotspot, they were allowed to order their second cab (or hit the road via bike or Muni) for the second, and final leg of the race. Who was the first to the finish line? Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…


Rideshare BikeThe environmentally friendly choice also happens to be the fastest up against rush hour traffic and high cab demand. While not the best choice for a big night on the town (booze, heels, and bikes are a dangerous combination), you’ll zip by everything on four wheels. Don’t own a bike? Check out the new Bay Area Bikeshare for a temp rental.


Rideshare LyftSecond overall (though fastest of the cars), Lyft also took the silver in wait time and cost. Though always the bridesmaid in this competition, Lyft’s consistency across the board makes it the most reliable choice for guaranteed speed and affordability. Plus, any driver who doles out free snacks is a-ok in our book.


Rideshare SIdecarAlthough they weren’t able to recover from a long wait to start the race (availability in SOMA isn’t their strong suit), Team Sidecar rebounded thanks to good route choice and fast beer-drinking. Despite the slow start, low prices and awesome drivers converted all of the racers on board to Sidecar believers.


Rideshare UberBuilt for comfort, not for speed, Uber Black Cars will get you to your destination fashionably late. With the shortest wait but the longest travel times, just sit back and enjoy the luxury ride. It may be a while, Miss Daisy.


Rideshare MuniWhile not the most efficient use of time, ridin’ dirty on the Muni is not only cheap, but it lets you get some QT with your fellow San Franciscans. It’s the only guaranteed dog-friendly option, and, most importantly, the only mode of transport than can fit an inflatable palm tree. Priorities.

No matter what ride you chose, you’re always in for an adventure. Hit the road.

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