Full-Stack Python Software Engineer

Our Mission

There's a whole wide world out there, full of things to do and amazing places to explore. Yet people so often do the same things over and over. We’re on a mission to put the city's most memorable experiences at your fingertips.

Because life's too short to be bored.

About Us

We’re a small and talented team founded by former Google and Slide employees. We’ve raised $15 million from amazing investors, including Khosla Ventures, Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Keith Rabois, Mike Krieger, and Naval Ravikant. And we’re just getting started.

What You Will Do

Build, architect and own important features across a myriad of areas. Our user-facing site, the API feeding our iPhone app, the internal tools we use to build our content base, and random scripts and prototypes that help us make important business decisions.

Shape our backend technologies. Sosh is built atop a stack of EC2 servers, Python, Django and Celery, with MySQL and Redis supporting. You will investigate new tools and options to help us scale.

Collaborate closely with our product and engineering leads. Help them understand what’s possible, and build features our users will love from loose specs.

About You

Flexible. Equally happy writing HTML and JavaScript or analyzing and optimizing MySQL queries, you know all the pieces which add up to a site that delights and dazzles its users.

Performance focused. When the site slows down, you know exactly where to look to diagnose, the quick-fix to patch things up to get everything working for now, and what you need to attack next to ensure a long-term solution that will prevent this happening again.

Pythonic. You are intimately familiar with Python’s features, quirks and culture. You have strongly-held opinions about PEP8. You write innately Pythonic code, and help others to learn.

Experienced. We care more about experience and passion than formal schooling. Computer Science degrees are nice, but experience working on incredible web or mobile apps is much more important.

About Engineering at Sosh

Sosh is built by a small and dedicated team of engineers. You can count us on the fingers of one hand, but we deliver outsized impact through engineering skill and a culture that multiplies our productivity.

We primarily build using Python. Django, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis and Objective C are key tools on our belt, but we are always investigating new tools that will help us build better experiments faster.

We love learning. We’re working on crazy-hard problems. When faced with something we haven't tackled before, our adrenaline soars. And once we’re done, we take the time to teach the rest of the team what we discovered.

We’re ruthlessly focused on shipping. We recognize that there’s always a better way of doing something, but accept that pragmatism outweighs purism.

We care passionately about the product. We don't just accept a spec and code—we aim to understand the problem we're solving for our users, and regularly offer ideas of how the app, process and company can be improved.

Hard problems mean huge responsibilities. We're structuring unstructured data about the offline world, delivering highly-relevant recommendations, and assembling the interest graph.
We're aiming to build the next great lifestyle brand at Sosh. To do it, we need talented teammates who aren't afraid to jump into the deep end.
No jobs available.
Experimentation drives innovation at Sosh. We're seeking smart, humble teammates who aren't afraid to try new things and think out of the box.
Sosh is growing quickly. We're looking for teammates who will help us imagine and realize the future of our business.
Don't match the positions above? We're always looking for smart teammates. Drop us a line at jobs@sosh.com.