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A Redwood Forest Hike With Multiple Waterfalls
Cataract Falls (near Mt Tam State Park)
Mill Valley

Marin boasts one of the most popular waterfall paths around, Cataract Falls. A moderate 2.6-mile walk, the trailhead starts just off Bolinas Road at Alpine Lake at 680 feet, but quickly climbs another 500 in under half a mile. You’ll travel along a flowing creek with just the redwoods — and a mile-long series of seven waterfalls — for company.

Prepare Yourself

It's a steep climb during a few parts, but altogether worth it. Take pauses to rest at any of the individual falls, or continue up past the falls to the beautiful Laurel Dell meadows.

Go the Extra Mile

"If you’re coming up to Mt. Tamalpais from the south, be sure and stock up on picnic goods at popular market, Venice Gourmet, in downtown Sausalito along the waterfront."

7x7 Magazine
What You'll Need

"Bring some food and picnic gear, there are some great spots to stop and take in the natural surroundings! "

Dan Rad

Cataract Falls actually consists of a half-dozen separate cascades along Cataract Creek. They are all in the neighborhood of 30 to 60 ft., and are all quite different and quite impressive when the creek is flowing. While it's best to see these waterfalls after a good rain, the hike presents an absolutely gorgeous trek along the creek through a forest of Redwoods any time of year.

Bolinas Fairfax Rd
Fairfax, CA 94978
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