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There's a whole wide world out there, full of things to do and amazing places to explore. Yet people so often do the same things over and over. We're on a mission to put the city's most memorable experiences at your fingertips. Because life's too short to be bored.
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We're Hiring
Rishi was previously a Product Manager at Google and Slide. He loves food, sports, and Jeopardy, and has a Physics degree from Stanford.
Rod led development teams at Google and Slide, and built top-secret prototypes for Bose. He once bummed a cigarette from David Bowie.
Vivek was a Biz Dev Manager at Google, Slide and Weatherbill. He's big on rock climbing these days and is a reformed management consultant.
Danyal previously co-founded Hopscotch. Prior to that, he was an engineer at EMI Music and Google. He listens to an obscene amount of music.
Salil previously co-founded Hopscotch, and built video games for publishers like Sony and Disney. He loves music and is quite the guitarist.
Katrina previously worked in Communications at Google. She loves Sriracha, hiking, Sundays in the Outer Sunset, Lucky Peach, and anything with red sauce.
Felix previously worked on the Olympics at YouTube, and was an engineer at Slide and Google. If you say Felix's name 3 times, he appears behind you.
Before Sosh, Elaine led content and the PPC at Bloomspot. She loves pizza, dive bars, high heels, and beaches. Her primary interests are partying and leisuring.
Before Sosh, Josh was the Program Manager behind the Windows Phone Start Screen. Josh loves playing fetch with his dog, Ender, and jumping out of planes.
Naseem is a Bay Area native and UC Davis alumnus. Besides writing content for Sosh, she loves tea, blasting slow jams from the 00's & finding the perfect French Toast.
Brian learned to love content at Bloomspot. He enjoys beer, biking, baseball, and other words that don't necessarily start with B.
Before Sosh, Paul was an analyst at Goldman Sachs. He has a love/hate relationship with his golf clubs, enjoys well-stocked bars, and is a cautiously optimistic Philadelphia sports fan.
Cathy is a London transplant who previously worked at eBay & Apple. Her current obsessions include biking, skiing, brunch, sampling gin & champagne-based cocktails, and seeking out the best burrata in San Francisco.
Before Sosh, Meredith worked in production management at DreamWorks Animation, devoting her efforts almost entirely to films that began with the letter M. She enjoys traveling, photography, puns, making lists, and shave ice.
Before Sosh, Brian launched and analyzed social media campaigns at Microsoft. He enjoys photography, backpacking, and searching for the perfect Old Fashioned.
Jose was born in the Dominican Republic and raised on the island of St. Marten. He graduated from Florida State University in 2012 and has been hacking in the Bay Area since.
Pei-Chin was previously a Product Manager and Software Engineer at Google. She loves dogs, food, and beautiful things.
Dave worked as a Data Scientist in the Computer Vision and Music Technology spaces before joining Sosh. He has a Ph.D. in physics from UCLA and loves living (and eating) in SF.
Jedel is a native San Franciscan and recent UCLA alumnus. She enjoys yoga, Thai food, stand up comedy, and being on time.
Lindsay previously worked at a think tank, an advertising agency, and an ed-tech startup. She makes the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever had.
Caitlin previously worked at a content marketing agency. She loves the sun, wearing hats, sitting in the park, and frozen yogurt. Especially all at once.
Before Sosh, Dan worked in investment banking in NYC. Prior to that, he tried to revolutionize the confectionery industry with chocolate-stuffed marshmallows.
Before joining Sosh Shane founded his own startup, GoGuide. He lives in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood and originally hails from Santa Fe, NM. He was once in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Lou previously developed Joypad for iOS, which turned your iPhone into a game controller. He is a full-stack engineer with a love for ruby. He can be found surfing Ocean Beach before work.
Abby previously worked in book production for a non-profit press in Boston. She loves nothing more than iced coffee in cars, runs at Crissy Field, and Kishi Bashi live.
Amit is a travel junkie and a soccer fanatic. He’s a fan of design, art and music and loves building iOS apps. You’ll always find a cup of tea by his side.
Chris loves to eat, code, and travel: often at the same time. Besides climbing, biking, and soccer, he also has a passion for cookies.
It's difficult to say where Angel is from. Having lived in 13 cities across 6 different countries, he hasn't quite decided which one to call home.
Desiree loves San Francisco for its colorful adventures. She enjoys watching classic films, sipping an Old Fashioned, sunny days at Baker Beach, and playing with her rescue pets Violet and Zoolander.
Brian has led recruiting for startups like LendingClub and ApartmentList. He loves running, especially followed by an unhealthy amount of Chicago style deep dish pizza.
Before Sosh, Alyssa worked in health care consulting and started a non-profit. Besides painting, fishing, and traveling she has an addiction to North Carolina BBQ.
Mo previously worked as a data analytics consultant before joining Sosh's Product team. He enjoys running, eating Taco Bell, and has made the front page of Reddit twice.
In his spare time, Jeremy is an avid traveler, thinker, and explorer. His professional experience focuses on mathematics, economics, process, and systems development.
Alek enjoys snarky commentary, long stories, and improvising film scores on the piano. He thinks it’s really funny when cats knock things over.
Ami is a photographer turned coder who has also worked extensively on reality shows and live business news. She has a weakness for dark chocolate.
Salar enjoys climbing, surfing, and music. And javascript. If you like any of these things, he likes you.
Lauren hails from Los Angeles suburbia, but found a home here in the Bay Area. Before Sosh, she developed Homejoy’s Escalations department.
Jack is a musician and a gamer whose favorite bands includes Tool, Mastadon, and Nine Inch Nails. He spends his off hours slaying dragons in World of Warcraft.
Besides being in constant pursuit of the perfect rice to bean ratio in his burritos, Marc is a huge fan of bocce, dive bars, and anything having to do with drag queens.
Prior to joining Sosh, Kat worked at Quora and Stripe. When not sampling new treats, she enjoys late night conversations about linguistic relativity and recognizing and reversing patterns of oppression.
Hailing from sunny Florida Lyndsey comes from CBS and has been a NYC transplant for 5 years. She is a sucker for a good disco dance party, music, Florida State Seminoles and the city that never sleeps!
Nicole is a dancer, python enthusiast, bookworm, feminist, soul/motown fangirl, and cheese aficionado. She loves the sun, peculiarities of language, and tea, preferably all at the same time.
Eloise is a food and beverage writer from LA. She enjoys happy hour, traveling, climbing, reading, and eating her way through the city.
Before Sosh, Dan worked for Gilt City. He is known to go long distances for Uni. He stays busy watching Louis CK over and over and learning the manual settings on his camera.
Aabhas previously worked on natural language processing projects at a travel startup. He loves Raspberry Pis (the edible and silicon kind) and has been known to go great distances for good fried chicken.
Alex lead the Xbox Music app team on Windows Phone. He loves tennis, tech, travel, and trap. He also enjoys eating out, due to his unfortunate tendency to destroy any food he attempts to make himself.
Jennifer loves cookies, scuba diving and all things travel. Before Sosh, she spent several years working in Shanghai in global logistics. She believes the Houston Texans will make a comeback! #99
POTUS brings to the team a unique knowledge of the activities of San Francisco gained in her previous role as Stray Dog in Chinatown.
Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, trea-ball!
Fin, Finny - or Finnegan (if you're not into the whole brevity thing) hails from SoCal. He enjoys long walks on the beach, James Joyce and belly rubs.
Kona is super fast and has the moves of a ninja. He likes to run and look out the window with his big ears up.
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