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This event ended Nov. 23, 2013
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Get Outside
Bioluminescence Paddle at Tomales Bay
Miller Park
Tomales Bay

On a moonless night off the coast of Point Reyes, the quiet darkness that surrounds you is the perfect viewing environment for one of Mother Nature’s most delicate displays. You may have heard of bioluminescence, but seeing first-hand the flickering iridescent sparks cast by millions of tiny organisms is an experience you’re not likely to forget.

Fashionably On-Time

It takes about 90 minutes to drive from the Golden Gate Bridge to the parking lot at Nick's Cove.

Dressed for Success

Layer your clothing to ensure a comfortable experience. See recommendations here.


Desserts and hot beverages are served on the beach on weekend trips only.


Enjoy a mini-picnic of freshly baked desserts and hot beverages from a local bakery as the sun sets over the sea. Once it’s dark, you’ll take to the water in kayaks, creating a miniature light show with each stroke of your paddle while tumbling waves, darting fish, and curious seals add to the brilliance with each movement.

Bioluminescence is present for only a few months of the year where water temperature, air temperature, winds, currents, and tides align. Due to a warm spring, this year’s light show is especially bright. Each trip is led by expert guides to provide you with a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.

Miller Park
Tomales, CA 94971
More Info
Point Reyes Outdoors
(415) 663-8192
Call (415) 663-8192 to make a reservation. See calendar for available dates; time of departure varies between 4pm and 7pm. See directions for accurate location; map does not reflect actual launch site.
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Kevin Baird