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This event ended March 10, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
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Tending the Hive: Beekeeping 101
18 Reasons
The Mission
Sat, Mar 10

Join 18 Reasons and local apiarist Robert MacKimmie for a class on the basics of sustainable and socially responsible beekeeping. There will be a honey tasting to get our palates excited for some local sweetness.

Nearby and Noteworthy

18 Reasons is right around the corner from Pizzeria Delfina. Head there after your class or event for a delicious meal or glass of Italian wine.


Beekeeping is not as simple as it sounds. Successful beekeeping is based on knowledge - knowing what decisions to make wisely, and when. While the bees themselves can skillfully navigate for nectar and pollen on their own, human management of their parasitic infestations, along with viral and bacterial diseases, has become the "life or death" determiner of colony survival.

Beekeeping can be glorious, mostly focused on honey production, pollination, a wonderful sense of prosperity, the life-affirming diligence of nature's best workers. If not well tended, losing a hive to mite collapse can be traumatic, and this class will give you information to help you prevent this loss and revel in the glory of home-spun honey instead!

This class we will learn:

  • The amount of time, location and equipment required for bees
  • Bee biology/ selection of bee stock
  • Where to buy and how to build equipment
  • Beeswax versus plastic in a hive
  • The phases of getting started, hive build up, management practices to avoid swarming, hive health, honey production and harvest.
  • Needs for Fall, Winter and anticipating Spring will be briefly touched on.

Learn to keep bees alive, healthy and prosperous - avoid being one of the many 'Voodoo' beekeepers who let them die, and then repurchase new bees every year. Learn what it takes to experience the joys of being a "beekeeper," and not just suffering the sad fate of being a "bee haver."

3674 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 568-2710
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Danny Perez