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This event ended March 15, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Hip Wine Tastings
Blind Tasting Bootcamp II
Fisherman's Wharf
Thu, Mar 15

Come on, admit it: you're dying to know. Just how do professional sommeliers identify the seemingly endless varieties of wine out there with just a quick sniff and a little taste? Allow us to enlighten you: it's not brain surgery. Join author, certified sommelier and "San Francisco's Most Wanted Wine Guru" (C Magazine) Courtney Cochran as she guides curious tasters like yourself through the essentials of blind tasting in our second installment of Boot Camp 2012.

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You'll taste six wines and mingle with fellow Hip Tasters before wrapping up with a taste-off between teams to stir up a little friendly interaction. Let's broader our collective wine savvy, shall we?

Get the scoop on the finer points of professional tasting at the very cool Cellar 360 overlooking the bay. It's the kind of class you definitely don't want to skip.

About Night School

Hip Tastes Night School classes offer a more focused environment than our parties to hone your tasting skills. Led by certified sommelier, author and Hip Tastes Maven Courtney Cochran, classes are both fun and informed.

900 North Point St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 440-0772
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