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This event ended Jan. 12, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
In Concert
SFJAZZ Hotplate: Pat Metheny Tribute
The Mission
Thu, Jan 12

Join us for a Pat Metheny tribute of epic proportions, ripe with all the jazz-fusion you need to start the New Year off right. The performance includes Front Burner session on the life and times of Pat Metheny, led by SJ Jazz education director Rebeca Mauleón.

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About Pat Metheny

One of the most innovative guitarists from the early '70s onward, Pat Metheny takes chances and constantly seeks to find new creative realms at every turn. His recordings with the Pat Metheny Group cannot be classified, but have managed to stretch the boundaries of jazz to the limits and establish him as a guitar icon the likes of which cannot be matched. Whether playing acoustic or highly processed, effects-laden guitar, his sound is instantly identifiable and unapologetically gorgeous.

About Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson is an Australian guitarist and composer known for his ability in numerous musical styles and genres across the globe. A U.S resident since 2004, his work as a performing artist has teamed him up with the likes of Kai Eckhardt, Trey Gunn & David Friesen.

853 Valencia Street
San Francisco, Ca 94110
(415) 970-0012
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