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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Food Truck
A Food Truckload of Fried Goods
The Architects Kitchen
San Francisco

The Architect's Kitchen, also known as ArKi, is the result of Tim Setiawan's lifelong wish to combine his love of food, music, and design. After years of working as an architect and planner, Tim decided to make the jump into the food truck scene.

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ArKi specializes in crispy fried chicken, homemade flatbread, grilled meats, fresh cut fries, and buttery donuts. The flavors have Asian and Western influences. Most of the menu is priced under $5 to keep in the spirit of accessible, high quality street eats.

There are no heat lamps in this operation so all the donuts and fried chicken come out greasy, crisp and piping hot for each order. This is simple food, but when chicken is fried just right - succulent, juicy, crunchy - there's not much better. The beignet style donuts are oh so hot, oh so doughy, and oh so darn deep fried.

The chicken looked incredibly enticing, the Arkis had managed to build a successful, slightly mahogany stain colored, crispy skin. After greedily rushing to find a chair behind the truck, I found out that the skin was indeed not only crispy, but also incredibly seasoned. A perfect insulation to lock in necessary juices that should end up in your mouth, and not the basement. Some of the crispy bits of my skin had found its way into the beignet glaze, creating its own rendition of fried chicken and syrup laden batter cake.

Varies. See schedule for the latest locations.

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