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A Font-tastic Adventure
Arion Press

Ever wax poetic about Helvetica, or lose focus on a powerpoint presentation because of an uncontrolled use of Comic Sans? No matter your font preferences, the font is a ubiquitous art form – and in full force at the type foundry, Arion Press

Pro Tip

“Next time you are in San Francisco, go there. Take your son or daughter. It is living history, its rooms vibrantly alive with interns and apprentices who, hopefully, will continue the traditions.” –“Arion Press in the Age of the Kindle”


The largest fine printing establishment in the nation, the Arion Press is a legend for bibliophiles and font-snobs alike. Founded in 1974 by Andrew Hoyem, Arion preserved Hoyem’s vast inheritance of metal type, a collection that continues to be one of the most important in existence. And with its masterful typesetters, the press began producing handset classics, famous for their handmade paper and unique artwork.

Today, the press is housed in the historic Presidio, along with the longest-surviving type foundry, M&H Type. Together, the venue hosts a tour every Thursday at 3pm, and provides an intimate look at this tedious art. For those unable to make the Thursday time slot, the gallery is open weekdays from 10-5. And for the more swanky font enthusiasts, the Press hosts monthly lectures and cocktail hours.

1802 Hays Street, The Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 668-2542
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