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Grab a Bite
Raucous and Rustic Italian
The Mission

This Mission favorite offers devilishly thin crust pizzas and rustic Italian small-plates in an atmosphere full of vim and vigor. But the crowd doesn't just flock here for a taste of Beretta’s out-of-this-world comfort food. The exceptional bar is an attraction on its own, offering innovative cocktails and an extensive wine selection.

Pro Tip

Call ahead and put your name on the list.

Pro Tip

Feel free to have a late dinner since Beretta is open until 1 am everyday.

What to Order

"Definitely get the Beretta Pizza. No questions asked!"

Karen Hartline

There was always that one kid in school that everyone envied, good at just about everything and popular to boot. Beretta is the restaurant equivalent. With delicious thin crust pizzas, a winning small-plates menu, and contemporary Italian comfort food, Beretta’s culinary offerings are enough to draw an eager crowd. But on top of their incredible food, Beretta has an award-winning bar that offers inventive cocktails. The vibrant atmosphere is simply icing on the cake. Beretta does a lot of things really well and for a reasonable price.

Beretta’s rustic feel attracts a loud, fun, and casual crowd. The pressed-tin ceiling and dark wood floors help create an ambiance that is at once comfortable and chic. Start the night with one of Beretta’s scrumptious cocktails and dine with friends at the high communal table parallel to the bar. Beretta prides itself on the Italian tradition of using fresh, seasonal, local ingredients, and with vegan and vegetarian options, it is easy to find dishes that will satisfy everyone in your group.

1199 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 695-1199
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