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This event ended May 7, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
The Beverage Academy
Learn Something New
Agave Spirtits: Mezcal and Tequila
Bourbon & Branch
Civic Center/Tenderloin
Mon, May 7

Agave based spirits (Mezcal and Tequila) are possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood of all the spirits on any back bar. On one hand, tequila it is the main component of what is arguably the most popular cocktail in history. On the other hand, when served neat, or as the more popular 'shot', it is often the most feared of all the popular spirits.

Pro Tip

"Make sure to eat ahead of time since you'll be drinking the cocktails you mix up."

Kaitlyn Trigger

Almost everyone has had "a bad experience" from their days in college or maybe high school and as a result many people can't even smell tequila without being flooded with a barrage of disturbing and vivid memories.

Furthermore, the rapid expansion of the Mezcal category in the American market has only fueled possible misconceptions about both types of spirit.

This class serves to clear up this sad misunderstanding. We'll explain the defining differences between the agave spirit categories. We'll also find out why that 'tequila' associated with those memories shouldn't even be called tequila, why your fear and disgust are justified, and how by drinking good distillates many people have found the truly elegant spirit that tequila and mezcal can be.

We will see the whole process of how tequila has been made for over two centuries, and talk about the Mexican government's tequila regulatory council and the strict rules they enforce.

We will discuss the subtle differences between tequilas and mezcal's from different parts of Mexico; and explore the life of tequila as it grows from piƱa to blanco, reposado, anejo and even an extra anejo.

Of course along the way we will be mixing cocktails, drinking, and having a good time while learning why tequila isn't just for 'shots' and 'poppers' and fraternity parties but is indeed one of the world's great spirits.

501 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 346-1735
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