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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Get Fit
Learn to Fly: Trapeze Class
Circus Center
Inner Sunset

Taking a class at Circus Center may be the closest you come to flying. Learn to soar on the trapeze or on aerial silks. The reward: an amazing workout and the graceful form of a Cirque de Soleil performer.

Pro Tip

Remember to bring socks and thin gloves — the constant launching and landing can tear up hands and feet. And though it may look delicate, the post-workout burn is not, so stretch beforehand!

More Info

There are two class sessions on Saturday: the first starts at 10AM, and the second, 11:30AM.


For sixteen years, Circus Center visitors have been leaping, trapezing, and launching themselves into a tizzy in this circus warehouse. While graduates of the school have become professional flyers for Cirque du Soleil and the Ringling Brothers, the average enthusiast is perfectly content with a flying (and sometimes flailing) workout. Some opt for the static trapeze, while the more daring attempt the aerial silks. But no matter the stunt, the instructors are highly attentive and, most importantly, patient with the inevitable growing pains of the first flight.

And if the only thing doing somersaults is your stomach, the studio offers plenty of more land-based adventuring. Whether it’s bouncing on a trampoline or learning Chinese Acrobatics, Circus Center hosts an array of low flying classes for the height frightful. For those who want to give it a test drive, Flying Trapeze drop-in classes are held every Saturday and Sunday.

755 Frederick St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 759-8123
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Matthew Ragan