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Grab a Drink
A Classic Cocktail Den
Comstock Saloon
North Beach/Telegraph Hill

It's always a pleasure to behold something that's aged gracefully (e.g. Angkor Wat, an '82 Lafite Rothschild, or Epic Beard Man). Add the corner of Columbus and Kearny to that list, thanks to Comstock Saloon.

Order This

The drink menu's flush with expertly mixed classics, but if you're feelin' adventurous, opt for the "Barkeep’s Whimsy," a tender’s choice cocktail that "suits the spirit and flavor preferences of individual guests". See the full menu here.

Pro Tip

Comstock also serves food. The menu's by an ex-Camino chef, and includes stuff like grilled quail with oyster stuffing, beef shank and bone marrow pot-pie, and a confections plate of peanut brittle, chocolate fudge, and sassafras candy -- a dish that packs so much sugar, you may need someone to bring amber lamps.

What to Order

"Order a gin darb, not on the menu but one of the best drinks in my opinion!"

Sarah Richardson

Movin' into a North Beach space that's been some kind of watering hole since the Barbary Coast days, Comstock's an elegantly appointed, throwback cocktail bar with classically gourmet pub grub, brought to you by the booze-slingers behind Absinthe (the restaurant, not the drink).

The space features the original mahogany bar n' tile floors, plus countless saloon-worthy accoutrements (prominently displayed leather flasks labeled "Rye", "Scotch", and "Bourbon", a working spittoon, a 150-year old absinthe fountain...), and a first-come first-served, fireplace-abetted parlor room, next to a small mezzanine balcony that's reserved for piano players, jazz trios, and Muppet-hecklers.

Walking into this century-old corner spot—brought to you by two Absinthe bartenders—is like stepping back into your great-grandfather's cherished watering hole, complete with slow-rotating 1916 fans filling the lofty ceiling and the bar's original spittoon trough at your feet.

155 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 617-0071
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