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This event ended June 18, 2011
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Film Night in the Park
Now Showing
Dolores Park
The Mission
Sat, Jun 18

Film Night in the Park is an outdoor film festival that takes place in San Francisco, featuring something for everyone, from family favorites to traditional and contemporary classics.

What You'll Need

"It's SUMMER IN THE CITY: bring a sweatshirt!"

Miriam Kali-rai
Pro Tip

"Bring a blanket/mat to sit on. Be there half hour earlier to get good spots."

Jeena James
Movie Snacks

"Popcorn, light refreshments, and other sweet snacks are sold prior to the movie."

Naseem Khalili


A slapstick comedy featuring a host of great clowns, CADDYSHACK boosted the career of "Saturday Night Live" alum Bill Murray and revived the sagging fortunes of the wonderful Rodney Dangerfield, whose opening scenes are some of the funniest on film.

Adorned in garish garb and throwing his money around, the newly wealthy Dangerfield ("a guest of the Scotts," sneers one old-guard snob) offends the stuffed-shirt members of the swanky country club he has just joined. No one is more put off by Dangerfield than Knight, who considers the club his private fiefdom. Chase is a dissipated but tremendously talented golfer; O'Keefe is a clean-cut caddie trying to make good and snag a college scholarship by winning a tournament; and Murray is the grubby groundskeeper who spends much of his time devising methods to rid the course of a pesky gopher.

There is a marvelous moment when Henry Wilcoxon, portraying a golf-loving clergyman, begins to play a perfect game in a raging rainstorm. Dropping one hole-in-one after another, laughing hysterically, thanking the Almighty for the greatest game of his life, he lifts his club heavenward and is struck by lightning while a crescendo from the score of The T (in which Wilcoxon played pharoah's general) blares on the soundtrack.

18th St & Dolores St
San Francisco, CA 94114
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