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Now Open
Dumplings & Buns
Pacific Heights

Now Closed

Welcome Dumplings & Buns, an upscale temple of dim sum and other Asian comfort foods, opening Monday in Pacific Heights. The Pac Heights address is your first clue that this is nothing like your typical Chinatown hangout. There won’t be any metal carts in this dime-sized spot. And since it might fit 20 people at a few elevated tables and the wraparound mahogany counter, there also won’t be any lazy Susans in sight.

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Dumplings will be baked off continually throughout the day, so wafting fresh dough fumes will fill the sidewalk outside. Lee has recruited professional baker Katie Leaird to help execute savory pork, chicken and seasonal veggie buns, plus sweet options like chocolate, coconut cream and "boozer buns" with liquor-spiked fillings like rum and framboise.

Asian comfort food is definitely having its crossover moment, the latest evidence being Dumplings and Buns, which opens Thursday in the Upper Fillmore, hawking dumplings and buns (both savory and sweet, including a boozy variety)...

2411 California street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 292-6209
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Dumpling and Buns