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This event ended Sept. 10, 2011
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Fit For Foodies
High on the Hog BBQ & Wine Tasting
Epic Roasthouse
Sat, Sep 10

Join Epic Roasthouse for a special BBQ that celebrates the Hog! The BBQ will feature all you can eat and drink pork & wine, live music, a book signing of The Secrets of the Sommeliers by Rajat Parr, and more!

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See below for the full High on the Hog menu.

The Grill

  • EPIC Charcuterie: Pork Trotter Terrine, Capicola, Pickled Pork Tongue
  • Slow Roasted Fennel Porchetta
  • Maple Roasted Pork Legs on the Rotisserie
  • Roasted Manila Clams with Pork Jowl & White Beans
  • Grilled House Made Pork Sausages: Prune & Armagnac, Mango Cumin, & Spicy Andouille
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Cabbage Slaw & Malt Vinegar Sauce
  • Molasses-Honey Roasted Pork Spare Ribs
  • Corn on the Cob with Bacon Butter

The Trimmings

  • Crispy Corn Fritters
  • Grain Mustard & Sweet Onion Potato Salad
  • Summer Tomato Salad with Hand Pulled Mozzarella


  • Homemade Maple Ice Cream Cones with Bacon Brittle

369 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 369-9955
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