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Grab A Bite
Italian Pork Perfection on a Roll
The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Good things come to those who wait, like porchetta, slow-roasted pork shoulder with fresh herbs and garlic. Porchetta aficionados throng to Roli Roti at the Ferry Building’s farmer’s market for some of the world’s finest, laid on an Acme Bread roll.

Pro Tip

Porchetta originated in the Lazio region of Central Italy, and is properly pronounced "por-KET-ta".

The Sosh Concierge
What To Order

""Get a small side of the roasted potatoes. They roast with the pork fat dripping down onto them, and are delicious.""

Rod Begbie

Roli Roti is the internationally acclaimed and insanely delicious brainchild of Swiss-born chef Thomas Odermatt. Odermatt serves fine roasted meats at thirty-three different farmer’s markets from his custom rotisserie trucks, but saves porchetta for just three occasions; of those three, the ferry plaza is the liveliest, and the only one with a bay view. The farmer’s market’s vibrant hustle makes quick work of the wait, as musicians entertain, colors and scents abound, and the backdrop of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and ferries shuttling across the water.

What’s the recipe for legendary porchetta? The choicest cuts of free-range and organic meats, a secret spice rub passed down from Mom, and a childhood spent under the tutelage of a father who happens to be a Swiss Master Butcher (or “Metzgermeister,” in the mother tongue).

Ferry Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 291-3276
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