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This event ended June 30, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Grab a Drink
The Wild Goose Chase
Fifth Floor

Dubbed the “Wild Goose Chase,” the cocktail features Armagnac, lemon juice, honey syrup and sparkling wine, and will be served in a champagne flute with a rim coated with foie powder and garnished with a foie-stuffed prune! The Wild Goose Chase ($16) will be available at the bar or in the dining room.

Go the Extra Mile

If the foie cocktail isn't enough for you, Fifth Floor chef David Bazirgan is also serving a five-course foie gras tasting menu through the end of June ($120). More details here.

History Lesson

Executive Chef, David Bazirgan, was named one of the Top 5 "Rising Star Chefs" by the SF Chronicle. He was also named the Hottest Chef in America by Eater.


Brian Means, bar manager of Fifth Floor (12 Fourth St.), recently shocked with a stinging nettle cocktail, and now he offers a June-only foie gras cocktail called the Wild Goose Chase. It's comprised of armagnac, lemon juice, honey syrup and sparkling wine and is served with a foie gras powder rim and foie gras stuffed prune garnish. There's also a five-course foie tasting menu ($120) available in the dining room for the month.

12 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 348-1555
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