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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Spy Mission: Operation Rendition
Foxhound Urban Adventures
Financial District

If you've ever imagined yourself living out a real-life spy movie equipped with all the hi-tech gadgets every secret agent needs to catch a villain, you don't need to spend another day imagining. You’ve been recruited for Operation Rendition — a top secret mission set around San Francisco

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As part of Operation Rendition, you'll play the part of an agent-for-hire working for one of two top intelligence agencies looking for cunning operatives in foreign assignments. In the course of three hours, you'll set-up ambushes, coordinate with HQ, follow enemy agents, take top secret photos, and eliminate the competition with extreme prejudice.

Meeting place will be revealed after booking — when you're officially on the case.

Foxhound Urban Adventures
(415) 439-0429
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