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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Grab A Drink
Covert Colonial Cocktails
Hancock Room
North Beach/Telegraph Hill

Just like the "The Hideout" at Dalva and The Wilson, tucked inside Bourbon and Branch, here, now, is another bar within a bar. John Sanchez, owner of Sip Bar & Lounge, has redesigned the former dance floor and private party area at his clubby North Beach spot into a 600-square-foot bar called The Hancock Room.

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Reservations required Sunday - Thursday. Open to the public on Friday - Saturday if not booked for private event (call ahead in advance to inquire).

To make a reservation, email:

The Sosh Concierge
What to Order

Try The Revolution, a cocktail that combines rye whiskey, port, crushed red peppers, lemon juice, and honey liqueur.

The Sosh Concierge

Themed with decorations, drinks, and images of the founding fathers, the Hancock Room offers a sanctuary to celebrate our collective pride with cocktails and, at least a few moments, asks you to check your politics at the door and agree on one thing: cocktails are delicious.

Keeping in theme, HR'll be serving up cocktails from a crown-molded, gold-eagle-topped bar that'll be heavily focused on the two types of hooch our nation's founders primarily drank (not including Sam Adams Cherry Wheat):

Brandy: Wine's stronger, sexier cousin'll be used in eight specialty cocktails, including the Betsy Ross (w/ port, Solerno blood orange liqueur, Angostura bitters), and the gum syrup & absinthe-adding namesake John Hancock -- though have too many and you'll probably be the one signing off.

Whiskey: Prominently displayed in a back-lit cabinet, browns'll be paired in beer-and-a's like the Poor Richard's Almanac (a shot of George Dickel with a Boston Lager), plus poured into tipples

1350 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 699-6545
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The Hancock Room