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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Grab a Drink
Covert Colonial Cocktails
Hancock Room
North Beach/Telegraph Hill

Just like the "The Hideout" at Dalva and The Wilson, tucked inside Bourbon and Branch, here, now, is another bar within a bar. John Sanchez, owner of Sip Bar & Lounge, has redesigned the former dance floor and private party area at his clubby North Beach spot into a 600-square-foot bar called The Hancock Room.

More Info

Reservations required Sunday - Thursday. Open to the public on Friday - Saturday if not booked for private event (call ahead in advance to inquire).

To make a reservation, email:

What to Order

Try The Revolution, a cocktail that combines rye whiskey, port, crushed red peppers, lemon juice, and honey liqueur.


Themed with decorations, drinks, and images of the founding fathers, the Hancock Room offers a sanctuary to celebrate our collective pride with cocktails and, at least a few moments, asks you to check your politics at the door and agree on one thing: cocktails are delicious.

Keeping in theme, HR'll be serving up cocktails from a crown-molded, gold-eagle-topped bar that'll be heavily focused on the two types of hooch our nation's founders primarily drank (not including Sam Adams Cherry Wheat):

Brandy: Wine's stronger, sexier cousin'll be used in eight specialty cocktails, including the Betsy Ross (w/ port, Solerno blood orange liqueur, Angostura bitters), and the gum syrup & absinthe-adding namesake John Hancock -- though have too many and you'll probably be the one signing off.

Whiskey: Prominently displayed in a back-lit cabinet, browns'll be paired in beer-and-a's like the Poor Richard's Almanac (a shot of George Dickel with a Boston Lager), plus poured into tipples

1350 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 699-6545
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The Hancock Room