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This event ended Oct. 28, 2011
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Cowboys & Aliens with Dirty Vegas
Fri, Oct 28

Dirty Vegas' debut release was the single "Days Go By". It originally made the top 30 in 2001, but when re-issued in 2002 reached the United Kingdom top 20. They released their self-titled album in June 2002 and released a second album entitled One in 2004.

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The song "Days Go By" from their eponymous album gained wide exposure in the U.S. as the background music for a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse television commercial. The song went on to win the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. They have remixed songs for artists such as, British singer-songwriter Shelly Poole called "Lost In You".

The group played their last concert together in May 2005. After the band's break up, Smith released his first solo album, This Town on 18 February 2008, on his own G.A.S. Records label. During their hiatus from the public they began working on the film score for Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down. As stated via their MySpace page, after four years, the group decided to reform and is currently back together working on new material. Additionally, tracks, titled "Pressure" and "Changes", have been released on the Toolroom Knights label in support of a new album/EP the group has stated they are working on. They have returned more to the sound that made them famous, and have been playing DJ sets in the US, including nights during the inauguration parties for US President Barack Obama,[1] as well as the 2009 Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida.

The band has also appeared on a variety of television shows such as, FOX televisions's drama Standoff, where "Late Nights and Street Fights" was used as the show's theme song, FOX's The O.C. where "Closer" appeared in episode 32 entitled The SnO.C., and One Tree Hill where the single "Walk Into The Sun" appeared in episode 214.

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