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This venue has closed
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Fit For Foodies
[Closed]: The Bacon Butter Burger
The Mission

(Maverick is closed indefinitely due to fire damage.)

A Butter Burger is more or less exactly what it sounds like: a hamburger made from 70% beef, 20% butter, and 10% bacon all shoved together in a meat grinder to make one unholy patty. The whole thing is cooked sous vide with another hunk of butter before grilling in a skillet with even more butter.

Extra, Extra

Add a fried egg for $2.

The Sosh Concierge

In contrast to its more casual, younger sister Hog and Rocks, Maverick's food has grown more sophisticated and focused over the years.

The menu delights and has evolved slightly at each visit, with whispers of Southern influence (and beyond) married to forward-thinking culinary vision.

3316 17th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-3061
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Robert S. Donovan