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This event ended May 13, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Million Fishes Arts Collective
The Mission

Balloonacy is the world's first ever interactive balloon immersion. Grab some friends for an adventure as you wander through a one of a kind, pitch black sea of balloons that responds to your movements with ethereal music and glows of light. Bring your dancing shoes...

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George, Will, and Issac are three guys who in their free time have been launching various items into the stratosphere using hundreds of helium balloons (including a Christmas tree). They’ve teamed up with the Million Fishes Art Collective to create an installation that will fill their massive 22,000 cubic feet gallery with floor-to-ceiling balloons.

The added twist is that they’ve been playing around with little radio receiver/speaker/LED units that will fit inside a few hundred of these balloons, allowing them to broadcast some bumpin’ tunes and shine a weirdo ethereal light through the morass of inflated elastic that people will be allowed to wander through. The results, we expect, will thus be a dance party, and ensuing awesomeness.

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LeAnn E. Crowe