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Neighborhood Pizzeria
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Welcome Mozzeria, a sleek uptown pizzeria churning out blistered Neapolitan pies in 90 seconds or less from the Ferrari of pizza ovens, opening Friday on 16th Street. Now, before we go on, we would be remiss not to mention that this is from the first deaf restaurant owners in the city. How this will affect your charred pizza experience: well, not at all.

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...husband-and-wife owners Melody and Russel Stein, whose dream of owning their first restaurant looks be coming true any week now. Melody's father was a restaurateur in Hong Kong and owned Wu Kong at Rincon Center, and Russ considers himself a pizza addict. Melody promises some surprises on her as-yet-unrevealed menu, including both traditional and non-traditional pizza toppings. But the most interesting story behind the restaurant is the fact that it's the first deaf-owned restaurant in a major city, according to Russ, and one of the only ones in the country.

Mozzeria may be the first restaurant run by a deaf couple in a major city. The owners, the husband-and-wife pair of Melody and Russell Stein, were both born deaf. Their children, 10-year-old Rylan and 12-year-old Taysia, can hear and are frequent presences in the restaurant. Russell Stein's mother helps out, too. Yet Mozzeria is more than an endearing family effort. It's already become a beacon for the Bay Area's close-knit deaf community.

3228 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 489-0963
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Garrett Ziegler