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Sweet Treat
Scrumptious Sopaipilla Dessert

Stop by for the ethereal sopaipilla dessert at Nopa, accompanied by an expertly mixed digestif. The fluffy, fried pastries arrive with a little pitcher of burnt-orange caramel sauce, to be poured wantonly over (and into) the dessert, and cocktails are made with house-specialty infusions.

History Lesson

Housed in a converted bank, Nopa’s wine-storage is a no-brainer: the old bank vault stays an ideal 56 degrees Fahrenheit.


As a late-night stop for many industry insiders (chefs, critics, restaurant managers, etc), and an innovator in flavors, ingredients, and décor, Nopa (the name is a tribute to its North-of-the-Panhandle locale), is a destination that still manages to maintain neighborhood homey-ness.

"My desserts are not extravagant in any way," says [Nopa pastry chef] Brown, explaining that she considers them the end of a meal as opposed to a meal unto themselves. Still, her honey bread pudding with caramelized apples — while light in texture — is so sinfully rich and decadent that it's hard to make room for anything else. One taste of this, and it might be all you want to eat.

It’s one of the rare places where you can get a choice glass of wine or a top-shelf cocktail, a quality dinner, and semi-refined service until 1 a.m. nightly. And while Nopa sells an average of 80 burgers a night, that’s not all guests are ordering. “Nopa is its own animal,” says Vogler. “Everyone in the industry talks about it.”

560 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 864-8643
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Robyn Lee