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Grab a Drink
A Classic Cocktail Retreat
The Residence

Fresh takes on classic cocktails, like the intoxicating, French Quarter-inspired Sazerac (Russell’s Reserve Rye, Kübler absinthe, bitters) or the Jalisco en Fuego (tequila, Canton ginger liqueur, chili flakes, lemon).

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Join what's sure to be a nice weekend scene by taking over a few cushy sofas by the fireplace with a date. Impress her with a few strong moves at the chess tables (we say go with the Sicilian Defense) while you enjoy the new, upgraded classic cocktail menu—a Sazerac, or perhaps the stiff, tequila-spiked Jalisco en Fuego.

So far the True Manhattan (Russels' reserve six-year rye, Carpano Antica vermouth, bitters) and Tokyo Schoolgirl (sparkling sake, St. Germain liqueur, yuzu juice) have been crowd favorites. We tried the Jalisco En Fuego, comprised almost entirely of Azul silver tequila and Canton ginger liquer with a scattering of chile flakes and a squeeze of lemon. The chile infused further into the drink as we sipped, giving the last gulp a warming wallop.

718 14th St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 797-8866
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Edson Hong