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Fencing Classes (25% off)
San Francisco Fencers' Club
Outer Richmond

The last time somebody challenged you to a duel, you were out of luck. Be prepared this time around with a month of adult beginner classes (four classes total) from the professional instructors at San Francisco Fencers Club.

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One deal per person. Multiple may be purchased as gifts. Expires one year from deal date. Reservations are required. Depends on availability. A minimum of 4 people must commit to a series of classes in order to activate those dates.


They'll guide you through every step of learning this elegant sport. You'll learn proper form and technique, how to lunge and retreat - and that's all before you get down to working your magic versus an opponent. This club has developed newcomers into World Cup athletes, and they look forward to helping you discover what may be your newest passion.

So go ahead, grab a few deals and take along your friends. Tell them it's a great fitness session. But know deep down that you just always wanted to safely thwack them after someone yells out 'En-guard!'

4000 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 668-3623
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