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Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Ice Cream
Smitten Ice Cream
Hayes Valley

In the pursuit of creating better ice cream, Robyn Sue Goldman spent two years developing a one-of-a-kind ice cream machine, now named “Kelvin.” Kelvin’s uniqueness stems from its ability to make the smoothest, tastiest ice cream from scratch in 60 seconds. How? Kelvin runs on liquid nitrogen.

What to Order

"Get the sweet corn flavor. It's better than it sounds!"

Juliana Britto Schwartz
What to Order

"The Tcho Chocolate flavor is amazing. It's like eating frozen molten chocolate."

Justin Hollister
What to Order

"They change flavors every week but the best two I've had are Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip and Malted Vanilla - it just tastes so fresh! "

Soni Sheth

Smitten Ice Cream was born in late 2009 when Robyn Sue hit the streets of San Francisco with an apron and a dream, pulling Kelvin atop a souped-up Radio Flyer wagon (complete with off-road wheels and a homemade battery pack). Since then, Robyn Sue has teamed up with pastry chef Robyn Lyn Lenzi and chef and lawyer Andrew Shaw. They’re all united by the Smitten mission: to make each and every truly decadent scoop to order, using only the freshest, purest, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. One minute, it’s milk, cream, sugar, and caramelized peaches; the next minute, it’s the smoothest, most flavorful peach ice cream you can imagine.

Over the few years, Smitten’s artisan ice cream and magic have captivated foodie audiences at Bay Area festivals, corporate shindigs, and high-end events—garnering rave reviews and delighted bellies everywhere they go. Soon, Smitten will be parking its wagon in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley and transforming a recycled shipping container into an ice cream shop like you’ve never seen before.

Your favorite dessert just got better. Prepare to be smitten.

432 Octavia St, Ste 1a
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 863-1518
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