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Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
Food Truck
Soul Groove
Soul Groove
San Francisco

Soul Groove began as a late night pop-up cathedral of sorts -- delivering many a wayward soul from the evening’s wickedness, to testify before the altar of Southern-fried glory, but it has evolved into something else...

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Always respecting the *signature sandwich that built the brand (and it’s veggie, vegan, and gluten- free derivatives) Soul Groove chefs also embrace the endless diversity of that which can satisfy us in a deep, nostalgic way.

Soul Groove is part slow fast food purveyor, and part consultancy of international Soul, and has the ability to serve in-house or at catered special events, a menu as eclectic as the vinyl in their ever-present record cases.

See calendar for location.

Soul Groove
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Stan Rawrysz