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Traditional German Cuisine
Hayes Valley

Suppenküche is not an ordinary restaurant: it is more like a traditional German Wirtshaus. We invite you to explore the Traditions behind the Suppenküche, and the sensations of German food and beer from different regions of Germany, with an emphasis on Bavarian cooking.

Pro Tip

Suppenküche takes reservations for parties of six or more. Call 415.252.9289 to make one.

What to Order

"Frushtück! After living in Berlin this is the closest I have seen in the US. Meat, cheese, bread. :) "

Stephanie Frasco
What to Order

"Get a radler, or share a boot. "

Lynn Tao

We want to help you to enjoy our traditional ways of preparing and serving food, and have included some Recipes for you to try out at home. Our philosophy is that simpler tastes in life are the best. We are providing quality to our customers in an atmosphere where they can relax, eat, talk to their friends, and are pleased by a good meal where all the elements are well-considered and prepared in the most authentic manner.

Our food is simple, honest in every detail and prepared very traditionally – without combining tastes that diminish the intensity of the meal. People leave the Suppenküche satisfied.

525 Laguna St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-9289
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Stijn Nieuwendijk