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This event ended May 12, 2012
Keep in mind: this activity is in San Francisco
SF Jazz
In Concert
Swedish American Hall
Sat, May 12

After Cyro Baptista launched the volatile rhythm and dance ensemble Beat the Donkey, the mad scientist of Brazilian percussion decided he wanted to unleash his imagination in a stripped-down musical setting. Thus was born Supergenerous, then a duo with Kevin Breit, a Canadian guitar star whose many credits include Cassandra Wilson, Bill Frisell and Lou Reed.

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Blue Note released the duo’s self-titled debut in 2000, and their playful repertoire combining jazz, country and samba earned critical raves. The group’s 2008 follow-up, São Paulo Slim, elaborated on their vision, and now they’ve expanded to become a trio with Ugandan bassist Ian de Souza (Jesse Cook).

Born and raised in São Paulo, Baptista has been a major force in world music for three decades, touring and recording with luminaries such as Yo-Yo Ma (the Brazil Project), Herbie Hancock (Gershwin’s World), Paul Simon (Rhythm of the Saints) and Wynton Marsalis (Brazilian Carnaval) to name a few. With hypnotic percussion and multi-layered string wizardry, Supergenerous is guaranteed to tear the house down — and raise your pulse!

2174 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 431-7578
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José Carlos