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Chinese Tea Service
Hayes Valley

Vincent Fung and his wife Rebecca Cheung create a dynamic duo sharing their passion and knowledge about tea to the local community. Their mission is to educate the public about the art of brewing tea, cultivating a tea culture in the city, parallel to the prominent wine culture found in California.

What to Order

"Try the Big Red Robe or Iron Goddess Tea!"

Carlie Chiu
User Review

"Fun place with a great selection of tea and knowledgeable staff. Great for a relaxing afternoon."

Danyal Anik

Taste specializes in “gong fu cha” which is literally translated as “making tea with effort.” Gong Fu tea service dates back many centuries ago to the Fujian and Guangdong Province of China. The purpose of this tea service is to maximize tea tasting and tea selection.

At Taste, you can choose from a personal tea set or a larger set that serves three or more. Each tea set comes with a Gaiwan (brewing vessel), tea cups, wooden utensils, and a strainer which is served on a bamboo boat. In a traditional setting, the tea is poured, strained, and served in a clockwise motion to guests.

Gong Fu tea service allows the individual to customize their own experience starting with their tea selection to their method of brewing. This meticulous method of brewing tea enables the tea drinker to appreciate not only the aroma and taste, but the effort to make the tea which provides a sense of serenity.

Looking for a great place to enjoy a pot of tea in a Zen-like environment? Just opened, Rebecca and Vincent designed Taste to offer an environment in which you can relax and learn everything you want to know about tea and tea culture. Just one block off Hayes Street, this section of Octavia is surprisingly quiet.

535 Octavia St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 552-5668
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