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Trace bucks the status quo, now serving organic, sustainable, and entirely traceable local ingredients in SOMA. Upscale food styling elevates already-satisfying small plates and entrees like homemade ravioli with summer squash and grilled rib-eye with pillowy gnocchi and lobster mushrooms.

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...Trace is the W's new Third St-facing resto 'n bar, which got a multi-million dollar, surprisingly SF-appropriate makeover that steers clear of cable cars & Golden Gates, and instead turns the two-story space into a fog-filled miniature cityscape, surrounding block-shaped, building-esque, ground-floor furniture with a grey-to-white gradient color pattern that mimics the SF sky.

Matching the SF inspiration of the interior, the food is totally SLO (sustainable, local, organic) too. Chef Paul Piscopo is working with local foragers and "celebrity organic food expert" Helge Hellberg, who's somehow managed to stay off the general radar until now.

181 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 817-7836
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