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Rise & Dine
Build Your Own Damn House: Toast, Coconut & Coffee
Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club
Outer Sunset

The original creator of this trend, Trouble Coffee, has been serving up their classic “Build Your Own Damn House” combination for years. It involves their famous cinnamon toast served with a coffee and coconut juice in a real coconut for $8. Slathered in butter, cinnamon, and sugar, this treat is sinfully decadent.

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One (and only one) incredibly unique breakfast of thickly sliced homemade cinnamon toast, coffee, and a whole young coconut. It's called "Build Your Own Damn House" and is an adventure in playing with your personal chemistry; the coconut water mellows the jitters and extends the duration of the caffeine buzz from the coffee, while the sugar in the toast draws an instant smile.

Trouble's cinnamon toast is made on thick, chewy slices of bread from Just For You Bakery in Potrero Hill. It's perfectly proportioned, rich with cinnamon, and made using top notch butter, to boot.

4033 Judah St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(800) 555-1212
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Elaine Yoo