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Fit For Foodies
Box o' Fried Chicken
Wing Wings
Lower Haight

By now it's clear that Wing Wings knows their way around fried chicken wings. But fans of owner Christian Ciscle's signature chicken and waffles during his stint at Little Skillet couldn't let go of that memory. So thanks to popular demand, Wing Wings now offers a fried chicken box as part of its permanent menu. $8.50 buys you two pieces of breast, thigh, leg, or wing, plus two biscuits and a side.

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Ciscle brines the meat for 24 hours to keep even the leanest corner of the breast juicy, then dredges the chicken in seasoned flour and fries the pieces until the skin crisps into a rugged, golden shell.

Though you can order one of Wing Wings' wing sauces to dunk your thighs in, Ciscle recommends a squirt of the sweet, tangy Moombah sauce, kept in squeeze bottles on the table.

Everything here is made from scratch, from the Buffalo sauce to the ranch dressing to the potato salad to the biscuits. The wings are from free range, naturally fed California chickens (from Mary’s). So while they’re not big, honking, over-meaty wings from birds that have never left a cage, they have that other thing going for them: flavor.

422 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 834-5001
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Wing Wings