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Brunch Spot
Dim Sum Brunch
Yank Sing

No frills, just really delicious dim sum at this James Beard award-winning restaurant with two locations in San Francisco's Financial District. Great for large and hungry groups, Yank Sing offers more than 100 different menu items, served the traditional way on rolling carts. No need to order, when you see something yummy roll by, simply point it out and it’s yours.

What to Order

Yank Sing is renowned for its steamed pork buns and Shanghai soup dumplings. Don't miss either. If you're feeling adventurous, try the chicken feet!

Pro Tip

Bring your vegetarian friends along: Yank Sing has a lot of vegetarian options. Our favorites are the Spinach and Snow Pea Shoot dumplings.

Prepare Yourself

Although they say no reservations, you can call ahead and give them an approximate arrival time. Works well.
- Ryan S.


For those who prefer appetizers to entrees (and aren’t the appetizers always better?), dim sum is a paradise of small dishes, readily prepared and easily shared. Even better, with only a small piece of paper with unintelligible stamps recording how much you’ve ordered, there is no need for anyone to know whether those delicious steamed pork buns are the third dish you’ve ordered or the tenth.

Where better to try dim sum in San Francisco than the Michelin Guide rated Yank Sing, an elegant, but traditional take on the Cantonese’s traditional brunch fare. The food has to be good because the owner started making dumplings at age nine. A thousand years ago, only royalty ate Xiao Long Baos or Dau Miu Gow – now anyone can treat themselves to a bit (or a lot) of deep fried goodness at Yank Sing.

101 Spear St
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 781-1111
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Sean Ganann