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Get Outside
Green & Red Sand Beach
Rodeo Beach

Because Rodeo Beach's sand is made of countless different kinds of tiny pebbles, it's not fine. But, the green and red sand is beautiful and found nowhere else in the area. Visitors love the sweet scent of evergreen mixed with the salty sea air.

Check the Weather

On less-than-nice days, Rodeo Beach can get windy so be prepared or wait until an especially sunny and calm day.

Nature Appreciation

Rodeo Beach and off-shore Bird's Island are bird watchers' paradise. Read more here.

Take the Bus

On Sundays, you can take the 76 Muni to the beach.


Relatively off-the-radar, Rodeo Beach is a nearby getaway that offers a picturesque backdrop, chance encounters with wildlife, and smaller crowds than Stinson Beach. Sheltered by cliffs and bounded by a lagoon, it offers good picnic sites with barbecue pits and is ideal for kite flying or just watching the roaring Pacific.

The main beach is a popular hangout for watching shortboarders, playing Frisbee with Fido, or just laying about and enjoying the salt-tinged air. For those seeking a little more seclusion, just head south! An unsigned trail winds over the ice plant-covered hills, spilling out at the less-visited South Rodeo Beach, a Pacific-facing pocket haven backed by big cliffs. This beach can be breezy, but go when the weather's nice and it's an ideal spot for sun-basking.

Rodeo Beach
Sausalito, CA 94941
(415) 331-1540
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